Grrls Rule: The Whole Hog

I take photos of so many pretty things, and I love it, I do, but sometimes I like to return to the raw-hand-held-shoot-from-the-hip-who-cares-if-it’s-in-focus brand of image-making from which my love of photography originated. Just reviewing some old work and stumbled upon this series I captured one fine fall day a few years ago. I look at the images and I can feel again the excitement of the weekend.  Grrls Meat Camp, was a gathering of women interested in food, butchery, culture, art, the future of sustainable agriculture, and the sharing of that knowledge in one of the more unique and liberating environments I have ever experienced. I was invited by my dear friend and master butcher, writer, and educator Kari Underly from Range, Inc in Chicago, Illinois. Grrls. Meat. Camp. who’s mission is to “give voice to women farmers, butchers cooks and teachers,” is the brainchild of Kate Hill from the Kitchen at Camont.  We broke down a whole hog, split chickens, made charcuterie, stuffed sausage, and so on and so on. I highly recommend you seek out seminars, camps, and events featuring these two women, you’ll be inspired, meet exciting women with exciting ideas,  and just maybe turn the concept of your place in the food industry on its head. Plus you’ll eat REALLY well.

P.S. There might be whiskey.

Want more? Check out these resources:

The Art of Beef Cutting by Kari Underly

Crafted Meat: The New Meat Culture:Craft and Recipes by Hendrik Haase with contributions by Kate Hill

WBEZ Grrl’s Meat Camp by Nina Barrett

Grrls. Meat. Camp.  Featured in Sweet Paul Magazine













Not Afraid of a Little Color

New Gallery, Check it out… A Little Color

Total eclipse of COLOR! Sunshades may be in order.

Great day at the Volo Bog, yes I said Bog, it is quite beautiful.

Special thanks to the team! It was an amazing day folks!

Wardrobe: Franki Levin

Food: Christina Zerkis

Props: Melissa Elias

Hair and Makeup: Suzanne Ciba

Models: Medhia, Marta, John from Ford

And of course the bog itself.

This is making me hungry for Summer.



What I did on my summer vacation by Jennifer Marx

Met new friends

Ate good food

Rode horses

Got a ribbon for participating in something; I did not win, place or show

Bought beautiful things I did not need

Walked miles and miles and miles with this crazy girl I know

And this

Why we should all be our own bae

Trying something new in my work, let me know what you think.

Valentines Day, ugh, so much pressure to be perfect, like it is an actual reflection of ourselves, our love, our life.

It’s just a day, like New Year’s where the expectation of the day never really lives up to the reality. We should treat everyday like Valentine’s day, we should love ourselves truly madly deeply everyday. Why, ’cause we are strong, powerful, smart, accomplished, and beautiful with or without the last minute validation of a bouquet picked up from the grocery store, a “romantic’ fondue dinner, or an Open Heart Diamond necklace from Kay Jewelers.

No matter what we are doing, wearing, thinking, we already got it. We are our own Before Anyone Else.  Thanks Hallmark, but we don’t need your day, we recognize our own power. We’ll read what we want, eat what we want, wear what we want, write our own love songs, jump on the bed, make our own money, buy our own bling, be silly and serious, put our feet where ever we like, laugh at our own jokes, control our own bodies, and generally take no guff for all we want and do. We can unlock our own hearts, and that my friends is sexy.

Amazingly fun day shooting lingerie with these ladies, and now new found friends. These girls are cool! WeWillRuleTheWorld.

Wardrobe : Francesca Levin

Hair Makeup: Jamie Tannenbaum

Assistant: Victoria Shapow

Talent: the wonderful amazing powerful beautiful free spirit Stasia (Ford)







Stasia19269 copy









Napkins Not Included

The promos are FINALLY out! After much discussion, hard work and finally determination to finish, the first round of printed promos have been posted! If you received one, let me know what you think. If you didn’t, I only printed 100 this go around so drop me a line if you would like to be included in the mailing list.

The star promo subjects: Chocolate, Pasta, Lamb, Fresh, Picnic(or rather Pinknic) and,  All I want(as in for Christmas).  Much thanks to Mr. Anthony Favarula, could not have done this with out you and your unique skill set(mostly patience). And to the adorable and delightful designer Camille McMorrow for her sticker design and project title(Napkins not Included), and many giggles.

Below you can see the fruits of our labor.